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Welcome to the world of Bass!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just plug a jack into your head, hook it up to a speaker and immediately hear the sounds that we imagine? Unfortunately our technology is not at that point yet so we either need to use our voices (the most natural instrument) or our bodies to play an instrument that will help us to express our musical ideas. This requires us to enact a long chain of events that starts in our brain imagining music, leading to our body, continuing on to whatever instrument we are playing, hopefully reproducing the sound we were imagining.

The task of studying music is to ultimately shorten the distance between the sound we hear in our minds and the sound we hear entering our ears. This requires a mastery of all of the physical elements that are required to reproduce our musical ideas, including our bodies, as well as our instruments including the electronic components that might be involved.

I believe that within all of us lives an entity that strives to express creativity in an artistic form, weather it is with music, art, prose or any other form of expression. By discovering your inner musician, we establish a solid foundation to explore the wonderful world of Bass.

Harmonic Foundation

What is the Bass? What role does it play? The Bass lays out the harmonic foundation for every rhythm section, and all of the other instruments. It is the glue that ties all the musicians together. It is through the lowest notes played by the Bass that the melody and harmony build upon. It provides the structure and starting point for others to follow.

Rhythmic Support

Along with the drummer, the Bass player provides the groove that the entire band rides upon. No matter how good the rest of the musicians are individually, without a good groove and solid structure, the music will not flow. The difference between a good band and a great one can be how well the Bass player and drummer lay down the groove.

Playing Technique

It is absolutely necessary to develop good playing technique. Bad habits can hinder you from playing good music and potentially cause injury. We will work with a system that emphasizes efficiency in physical motion so that you will use the least amount of effort to get maximum musical results.

Playing in time / Grooving

One of the most important things about being a Bass player is having the ability to play in time. You need to have at least a metronome, and possibly some kind of drum machine. Most computers have simple drum machine software included. You can also purchase very inexpensive software that is downloadable online.

Overall Musicianship / Music Theory

Bass players need to know as much about music as any other member of the band. We need to have an understanding of the melody and harmonic structure of music. We will work not only on bass playing, but also on the foundation of music theory and how it relates to you as a bassist.

Reading Music

The ability to read music opens up musicians up to a whole world of music. Written music is a way for us to communicate our musical ideas with each other. It is similar to being able to speak as well as read written words. Through our lessons, we’ll develop a fundamental understanding of reading and playing written music.

Practical Application

It is important that you are able to incorporate all of what you learn in your bass studies with the music that you play, or want to play. You are encouraged to share the music that is in your life and bring it in to be a part of your lessons.

The Bottom Line

No matter what level you are on as a player, the most important thing is to enjoy playing music. The main purpose of music is to bring joy into our lives and share it with others. I want your bass studies to be fun, rewarding and inspiring to keep you playing music. I am absolutely passionate about playing the Bass and hope to be able to share some of that enthusiasm with you. Whether you are a beginner just getting started or a professional working to improve technical skills, we will work together to achieve your goals.